Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Living a trend


I always seem to get more work done when its rainy out..or possibly its just the boost of my
tall extra hot peppermint mocha.

Regardless, I have come to realize that this quarter seems like such a repeat of projects. Instead of complaining about the familiar, I am reinventing the old and building on the new. This is an inspiration board for my forecasting trends class:


These consumers are down to earth, go with the flow and don’t want anyone or anything labeling who they are. Instead of letting the designer label wear them, they wear it in their own way -giving it life and individuality. Exclusivity and individuality are the key words that are necessary to any savvy merchandiser's vocabulary -as they are the driving forces of the future.

The clothing line created will speak the language of those consumers who are already “living” a trend.

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  1. The clothing line sounds like an embodiment of your spirit! Love it!