Sunday, August 23, 2009

her heart

I find it funny how a person learns to love. Why is it that in so many cases a person learns to love what she cannot have. Offered everything in the world, could be painted and saved to treasure forever yet longs for the one thing she could never have. To be in a moment and feel more safe than ever, but inside her thoughts she is nowhere to be found. She is lost and lonely, in a world of secrets. Hidden secrets that make their love even more adventurous. That is it, you know, the not knowing part is what she craves. How boring it is to know an exact move or thought, to always feel safe and not to worry. Its the thrill she craves, the unknowing that keeps her interested. The chase, its always the chase. How stupid it seems when you think it out. Gather the thoughts, the worries, the minds...only to realize how young and typical it could seem. But nothing matters, its the moment, the feeling, the mystery that keeps the flame alive. It is that single flame that keeps her thoughts awake in the night. That single thought that will forever haunt her dreams, her heart, her mind. Time will soon allow it to burn, but until then she waits. And waiting she hates, but will remain in hope that for one instant the one thing that was never meant to be..could be...when they both realize that their secret as they both have been..are nothing more than the same.

Hiding from what she knows could be forever.

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