Sunday, August 16, 2009

A memory

"What can you say about this weather?"
The past few days have been nothing short of beautiful.

A moment, a memory, an inspiration brought me to complete tears. I remember a time in my life when being young was so easily becoming complicated. Yes, yes...I am still young and still learning. However, this memory I have..remains in my heart forever.

The weekend went by so quickly. Sunday night was the show and Blur. The boys did such a good job. It is amazing to hear and see their confidence change then watching the nerves and then watching the excitement combined into one. I didn't get home till late.
Craig has a younger brother...Alex. He is blind. It is amazing to me how much you can actually learn from a person. I cant imagine going though life blind. He is so smart, just sitting there listening to the boys play music. His thoughts amazed me. He took me in his room to show me every single toy airplane he owned. He knew the exact type just by touching it. He even put in a tape of sounds and played the one that sounded of planes...then acted it out with his toy models. I was speechless.
Can you imagine going through life not really knowing what an airplane looks like, or what anything looks like for that matter? I talked to him for a long time and felt more comfortable than ever. He didnt judge me by anything but my personality. That is a special gift. All people go by these days are looks and whats on the outside. Alex didn't care, he is only allowed to hear the real you.
He asked me in words so sincere to look for a girl for him to go to prom with. "Im a little shy at first, but we would have fun."
I wish that I could have written down word for word that experience. It is amazing to me how much I take things for granted. He is such a good person.

Many things are on my mind, but its late and Ive got to be up early tomorrow. Sharing with others spreads emotions. You never know whos heart you may touch, and thats wh is so important to speak your mind.

"I want to be able to close my eyes, and smile."

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